Sunday, June 19, 2011

Windows Phone 7 – Quick Tip #28 – Expand ListView Items to Full Screen

Let’s say you are building a Windows Phone 7 app that displays items in a list.  Within this list you want to display something that is right justified with the border of the list.  If we used the following XAML:


We end up with:


Which really isn’t what we want, we want the “Click Me” button right justified.

If we replace the above XAML with the followings snippet:


and note the following changes to the XAML:

  1. We added a resource to the grid that will be displaying the list of items.  It contains a style for the ListBoxItem with the key ListItem.  This sets the HorizontalContentAlignment=”Stretch”.
  2. Next we applied that style to the ItemContainerStyle=”{Static Resource ListItem}” of the list view.
  3. Finally if you noticed in the first chunk of XAML, we use a StackPanel.  A StackPanel only is as wide as it’s content.  We change this to a Grid which will take up the full width of the parent..

Now when we run our application we see the following which is what we expect:



  1. please explain ...where you entered the content that are first,three ,fifth and last item

    these are in C# page?
    if yes..provide the code too

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