Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mango – Outlook Folders as Live Tiles

I love the email client with Windows Phone 7, very quick and easy to keep updated on what’s going on with both my personal and work worlds.

To help organize my life, I make significant use of rules on the server and folders to move certain emails from certain folks into different folders.  One thing that could have made this better with the initial release of Windows Phone 7 was the ability to quickly pull the phone out of my pocket, swipe the lock screen and see if I have any unread emails in any of my folders, not just my inbox.  When I was out in Redmond in December I made this suggestion and “presto” in the keynote at TechEd this year, they demo-ed folders as live tiles. 

Now I can say Windows Phone 7 was my idea!  Well maybe not, but hey- I love this new feature, it adds something that will have a big impact that none of the other platforms have.


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