Saturday, March 15, 2014

Last Mile Tips

We have a very exciting event coming this spring for Windows Phone that I’ll share more about in the future.  However in preparation for this, I’m going to be compiling and releasing a set of “Last Mile Tips” to help you release your Windows Phone or Windows Store Apps quicker and easier.

If you’ve ever written any sort of mobile application, you know that it’s pretty easy to get to the 90% mark of being done, right?  Isn’t it?  That’s the fun part where you get stuff working and the app starts to come alive.  During that 90% you come across a number of things that are just easy and will get done relatively quickly so you just skip them and continue on with the fun part of making progress and making your app come alive.

Then what happens?  You hit the last 10% and BOOM!  Death by a thousand cuts, you spend the next 90% of your time on the project finishing up those “last simple and easy things”.  If this has happened to you, welcome to the club, you’re not alone!

I certainly don’t have all the answers here to tame the last mile, but I do have a number of things that have worked.  Join me over the next few months as I share my experience as well as things I’m learning as I make a concerted to solve this last mile problem.

As we go forward, if you have any tips or tricks that you use, just add them as a comment and I might just add them as post (giving you credit of course).

Stay tuned, things are about to get exciting!


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