Saturday, March 15, 2014

Last Mile Tip #2 – Start Using Your App as Soon as Possible

No, I don’t mean testing on your emulator.  I mean use your app in the real world as a real user would.  In software engineering terms this concept is called “Dog-Fooding”.

This is one of my top big tips that I have and is also related to something else I’ve learned about creating apps, if you are just creating an app you aren’t going to be using in your day-to-day activities or a game you wouldn’t enjoy playing, you may want to consider the premise of your app and try to find something that is a better match. 

So assuming it’s an app you will indeed use, or a game you enjoy playing, as soon as reasonably possible get it off your development machine and onto your phone or tablet you use on a daily basis and USE THE APP!  I can’t stress this enough, once you start using the app, you’ll find little things that don’t really make sense or are obviously broken but you just never come across during development.  You’ll have to trust me on this one, but for a fitness app I’m building right now, I’m using it every time I get exercise and it’s really surprising how quickly I’m moving through the last mile.


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  1. its a new technology in the form of app i want to know more about it beacuse it seems an intersting one .thanks for sharing this new invention.