Monday, August 12, 2013

Monitoring Energy Usage

In my never ending quest to add more “tech” into my home, I stumbled upon my addition to my Home Automation line up.  “The Energy Detective” or TED 5000.  As soon as I found this on Amazon, I needed to have one so ordering “Prime” on Friday with an $8.99 surcharge I had it in my hands by noon on Saturday and had it installed in my circuit breaker box shortly after.

Basically what this tech does is monitor the power consumption in your house and provide real time display as well as accumulates it over time.  Here’s the default Software it comes with.


So what this means is that after plugging in my cost per electricity it will tell me in real time how much I’m spending to power “Castle Wolfenstien” (thanks James Cuomo for the new house name).

As Donald Rumsfeld says, “What you measure improves”, our typical electricity bill in the summer time is between $350 and $500 so there is a lot of room for improvement here!

Right now this is only a web application and a small LCD console device, but I’m looking forward to watching the network traffic and extending my Windows Phone 8 Lago Vista home automation app to include this information.


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