Saturday, August 25, 2012

NiVek GO! QC1 Video – Part 2

Here's another quick and dirty video of NiVek GO! QC1 a .NET Microframeworks application with a Windows 8 (and coming soon Windows Phone 8) Flight Console

In this one, I'm spinning up the four motors on the quad copter although I'm a little timid to try to fly it in the cramped quarters.


As noted in the video, I'm seeing a lot of noise in the accelerometer when I power up the motors, but the gyro is clean.  Using a complementary filter I'm getting decent attitude readings (pitch/roll), but it's still bouncing around a couple of degrees, if anyone has any suggestions on how to isolate and cleanup the problem, I'd love to hear them :)

Next up is hook in the pitch/roll or error information into the PID controller and see how it flys.

Stay tuned!


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