Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WFA – Work From Anywhere Presentation

Tonight, January 19th I’ll be rolling out a talk I’ve been working on for awhile now at the Sarasota .NET Developers Group.

In addition to doing an introduction to Windows Phone 7 what will sure to generate some heated discussions, I’ll be doing my WFA or Windows Phone 7 + Azure + Facebook = WFA talk.

Here’s the abstract:

I’m proposing a new TLA or three letter acronym, “WFA” or Work From Anywhere.  The three ingredients, Windows Phone 7, Azure and Facebook provide you, the individual developer, the necessary components to create highly profitable, highly scalable applications that you can build, maintain and sell from anywhere.


All you need is a laptop, Visual Studio, a good idea, a great user experience and maybe a little bit of luck*.  Come for one talk and get two for free!  In this fast paced yet highly technical session, we will be building a Windows Phone 7 application that uses Facebook to authenticate and manage users and authentication with a Azure table storage, WCF based backend.


* The speaker makes no guarantees either verbal or implied that if you follow his easy 3 step plan, you will become instantly rich, popular, more attractive to the opposite sex or can retire at 23 - but you could!

You can download the presentation and demo materials from here.



  1. I enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the S. Fl. Code Camp on "Work From Anywhere". It went fast and covered a lot of areas but was just what I needed including things like the Facebook login, Azure Tables, and the services to connect them to the Windows Phone 7.

    I will experiment with your demo download materials - let me know if there are any updates since it was originally posted.

    Gary Davis

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