Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why Windows Phone 7 Will Fail *cough* *cough*

In an effort to bridge the gap in the Smart Phone wars, I’ve developed a little tool to help all of you iPhone and Android fan-boys that are just too busy to do your own research and form your own opinion on Windows Phone 7.  You know it will fail, so here’s a tool to generate reasons you can include in your blog posts and use to sound smart when talking to your friends.

Click here for my contribution.



  1. Its crap, no SD card, pointless Res, no customisation, no custom Tom's, apps list terrible, there going for the iPhone lock down to try and entise the masses I say screw the masses and keep the geeks happy. Yes I use winmo. Hd2 touch diamond 2

  2. I for one cant wait. Even though I have to admin they stole the idea.. at least they were smart enough to understand and copy it.
    When that new Samsung dual core 1 Ghz chip comes out... maybe then Android and multi-tasking will work... till then.... let me make a G-d damned phone call without the screen freezing because I'm listening to music/posting facebook/ftp-ing a file/anyotherstupid thing.
    Honestly, its a phone first and foremost. Then its a pmp, lets try not to forget that.
    Ive had so many Android phones and 2 different carriers and they all do the same nonsense. Freezes, crashes, and from a developers point of view... what a horrible environment.
    Now... Im hoping the person that created that spin dial was being sarcastic seeing as the dang thing was built with silverlight!

  3. demon man, you do realize some devices have SD cards,

    resolution is up to the device manufacturer with a minimum requirement,

    'apps list is terrible'..its growing and is far larger than the competition was at this stage, and at least hte WP7 apps go through actual testing before they're published,

    geeks dont like iphones, only people who dont like researching a phone before they buy it do

  4. oh geez spinwheel results...

    size - again thats that device manufactures choice, there are plenty of choices for the WP& devices, many of which are the same size as androids, such as the HTC.

    shape...device manufacturer...

    battery life, outlasts most androids and iphones, and all blackberries...so wheres your complain there?

    carrier support, its new, and is out on GSM networks and being released on CDMA in the near future (verizon within a few months)...again your a moron.

    applications are hard to use...wtf...no comment

    signal strength, thats your carrier not your phone

    keyboard, again thats manufacturer...

    xbox integration, lets see you do better...

    touchscreen, its a touch capacitive screen, so you can use multiple points that's very responsive, if you've ever used one you'd find that the WP7 simply works.

    general performance, its on a minimum 1Ghz cpu plus a dedicated GPU...why'd you spend time making this spinwheel?

    I see you also had browser, mail, messaging and a lot of other sad excuses, I'm thinking you need to try the phone before you go crying about it.

    It's simply clear you've never used one and really don't know anything about reviewing, half of your remarks are about the device not the OS...there are multiple devices available giving the end user the ability to find what size or shape they want. the few things you had against the OS itself weren't really valid either, you complained about functions like messaging, which is very much like the android messaging, and the browser, which loads websites faster (on a real device, not the pre-release devices) than the iphone.

    so again, stop basing your opinion off of videos you've found that were based on pre-release devices. maybe you should try the thing first :p

  5. Hey Tokeka - sorry you spent all this time writing the review...take a closer look at the post and think sarcasm :)