Monday, September 1, 2014

Galileo NetworkSerial – Port 27015

Creating a network client on the Windows Version of Galileo is what I would call trivial!

There is however a catch, in the initial SDK that was released the only port you can use is hardcoded at 27015.  If you look towards the top of the GitHub file you’ll see the DEFAULT_PORT.  Maybe I missed it but I couldn’t see anywhere to override this.  Once you understand that, reading and writing from sockets is as simple as this:


Simply create this program, then on your PC open up telnet and connect to port 27015.

Hopefully in a future version of IoT you’ll be able to use different ports.


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  1. Seems like you missed the Info in the NetworkSerial.cpp

    // Network serial listens for connections on a specified port
    // By default, we chose 27015, but it can be any open port.
    // To specify a port, define NETWORK_SERIAL_PORT= in your project
    #define NETWORKSERIAL_PORT 27015