Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Next Tampa Bay NETMF Meeting/Rise and Fall of NiVek QC4

For all of you that experienced the violent death of NiVek QC4 at the last NetMF meeting, I’m happy to report that with a fresh set of propellers, all the systems checked out and I’m ready to tempt fate again with all fingers still attached.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 28th at the Microsoft Office with social/dinner starting at 6PM and formal talks starting at 6:30. Topic looks really interesting, Joseph Bisaillon, Lloyd Sparkes, Jordi Lucero, and Sean Dunford will be discussing “Zeo Mobile Sleep Manager” and the possibilities of lucid dreaming…I’m NOT going there! Randy will also being doing an intro to using a logic analyzer to build on some of the concepts that Tim started in the last meeting.

I think starting in the April/May timeframe there has been a considerable amount of interest in Home Automation, we might try to start focusing our efforts on that and get back to the hands on approach we started in the first few meetings so start saving up for some hardware! Once we get a little closer, I’ll start putting together some shopping lists.

I promise no un-controlled flight of my quad…well at least I’ll do my best to get the 1’s and 0’s in the right order and test it a little more beforehand =D



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