Monday, December 10, 2012

December Tampa Bay NETMF Meeting and Hackathon

When: Meeting - December 20, 6PM-8PM, Hackathon December 21st, 9AM-?
Where: Tampa Microsoft Office, 5426 Bay Center Dr. Suite 700, Tampa FL, 33609

Monthly Membership Meeting

This December we are going to turn our focus to having your small embedded device such as a Netduino communicate to the the Internet.  We will also be looking at the Electric IMP.  Something on the very cutting edge, but also something very cool!

This months geek shopping list

1) Electric Imp and Dev Breakout Board
2) Netduino Plus 2 or Ethernet Shield (Ethernet Shield will attach to your standard Netduino and will require a bit of hacking to get working.  We probably won’t be covering this in our meeting)
3) WiFly and XBee Shield add WiFi to your Netduino, again we won’t be covering this in the meeting but isn’t that difficult to connect and configure.  I’d be happy to answer any questions on this via Email.
4) Pen Type Multi-Meter really helpful once you really start getting into this stuff.

To register for this event, please click here.

NETMF Hackathon

In addition, as a bonus this year, Bill Reiss and I are going to be hosting the Tampa Winter Games and NETMF Hackathon all day on Friday December 21st at the Microsoft office in Tampa.  As we have seen in our nightly meetings, two hours is just enough time to get started with this stuff.  Why not make a full day of it and hang out with some like minded folks getting your “geek" on.  The format will be a couple of talks to kick the day off, you’ll get to hear Bill (great speaker!) get you going on developing games on the Microsoft imagePlatform.  I’ll also give a brief talk on something cool that runs on a very small processor.  Then throughout the day, we’ll have a series of lighting talks to cover small bits and pieces of both gaming and microelectronics.  The primary intent of these events are really just to hang out and work on some cool stuff, along with your peers that might be able to help you if you get stuck on certain areas.  I’ll probably be working on my NiVek QC1 along with some cool new 32 bit hardware and my Windows 8 Ground Station

I’ll bring my collection of Netduino Shields and other assorted electronics for folks to play with.

To register for this event click here.

Both events should be a blast, hope to see you there! 


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