Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NiVek GO! QC1 – Part 5, New Electronics

Over the weekend, I had time to assemble my new electronics module for NiVek.  This one had a more thought-out ground plane, a second gyro (added the STM L3G4200D to compare it’s performance to the ITG-3200) and some other small mods.  The big difference in this board however is a set of female connectors on the bottom of the board to snap onto the Netduino GO! mainboard as seen in the pix below:GO_Bottom

One of the challenges I’m going to have assembling this board is the alignment of the female connectors on the bottom of the board.  They have to be exact so the line up with the sockets on the GO! mainboard.

This new design required the creation of a development-jig to program the micro-controllers as well as hookup the data analyzer.  Here’s an ugly homemade board I whipped together to accomplish this goal until I the ones I ordered come in (note the blue/white glow from the GO! mainboard)


Finally a couple pictures of the final assembly, so far all the systems check out. 




I’m anxious to get it installed on my quad and see how it does.  I have high hopes Smile


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