Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for 2012

In 2012 I’ve again been awarded an MVP as a Windows Phone Development professional. 

The last few months of 2011 have been very busy with client commitments and it looks like both January and February will be as well.  Once I meet my commitments, I’m going to be turning my focus to figuring out a real-world strategy for the vision Microsoft has been projecting for the past few years “3 Screens and the Cloud”.  With a hopeful beta of Windows 8 sometime in the first half of the year, Windows Phone 7.5 and the latest XBox 360 dashboard update there are a lot of things are going to be converging to create an eco-system like no other.  My focus will remain on mobile devices, however having the software we build provide a cohesive experience across all the three delivery platforms with the cloud as a common denominator makes things very interesting.

Also, I have very high hopes for Windows Phone this year, especially after looking at upgrading my HTC HD7 to an HTC Radar on the T-Mobile Site.  It was very interesting to see the ratings on the phones.  First up was the Samsung Galaxy S II with a whopping 9 reviews.  Then a Blackberry with two whole reviews, a couple of SIM cards which we can throw out but then the HTC Radar with 106 reviews and as you can see they are almost all 5 stars.  So not only a very high review but a considerable number of folks are buying the devices!


Until we meet again!


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