Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Short URLs for Florida Developers WP7 Apps

If you are registered on the FL App Developers Site http://www.flwp7.com we have a new feature available to you. 

Here was the problem…you were out and wanted someone to download your app or you wanted to put a link to it on some printed marketing material.  In the past you had to enter the big old Zune based URL like zune://navigation/?phoneAppId=b7522342-4235-a532-be54-13bc43ef1423 which was pretty much impossible to enter correctly.

With this new feature available to you from the Florida Developer Community Site, you can create smaller, more friendly URL’s that can easily be entered to bring people to your application.  For example with the URL http://flwp7.com/cs you’ll be brought to the market place page to download ContactSwap. 

To use these, make sure you and your apps are registered as a developer at http://www.FLWP7.com.

Then simply when entering your applications information, specify a few letters to create the unique URL at the bottom of the page.  For ContactSwap I entered the code CS:


This will allow anyone that navigates to http://flwp7.com/cs on their phone to be brought directly to your app on the marketplace.

While you are on the www.FLWP7.com site, make sure that you browse the apps that all the local folks created and download a few and check them out!  Support your local App Developer =D.


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