Monday, May 9, 2011

ByteMaster – WP7 Tribute App

Joe Healy the local Microsoft DPE of DevFish fame needed some way to learn a new tool for creating WP7 without any code called AppMakr.  As he said:

Kevin's a WP7 (and fruit and android) dev in Florida, deserving of his own tribute app. Yet he doesn't have one. So I'm building it for him. I was going to build one for myself, but hey, that's cheesy.

So the ByteMaster Windows Phone 7 Tribute App was born!

You can read about his experience here.

As you can see from the downloads from last month, a number of people are actually downloading it.  Not sure if that says something about the content or the person that wrote the app.  My guess is the later.


Anyway if you are interested in using this tool, be sure to check out his follow-up post on getting the app submitted.

BTW – The main pivot of the application is my recent blog posts.  If you are reading this in the app, we’ll see if it causes some sort of memory leak from the self referential recursive nature of this post Winking smile.


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