Wednesday, May 12, 2010

XAML Is Your Friend – Tampa SLUG Presentation

On May 12, 2010 I will be presenting a rapid fire overview of the most important concepts a developer needs to know to work with XAML to develop Silverlight Applications.  The primary focus here is not so much on design but how to hand-code XAML when Expression Blend is really overkill or you just need to knock out a quick forms-over-data application and feel more comfortable working in Visual Studio 2010.

The following are the topics that make up this demo

  • Layout – What are the key concepts you must understand to layout your controls in XAML, this starts with the Grid, StackPanel and Canvas containers
  • Resources –How to create Resources, Styles and Control templates that can be used to create a consistent user interface
  • Simple Data Binding – Overview of the syntax for doing simple data binding between controls on a form
  • Value Converters – Value Converts are a very easy yet powerful way to extend the usefulness of XAML
  • User Controls – Review creating a simple data form using a user control
  • Somewhat more advanced Data Binding – Bind to a simple collection and then use selected items to populate a form.

Download the presentation and materials here.  These materials require Visual Studio 2010 and the Silverlight 4 SDK




  1. Sounds very interesting!

    Are you streaming the meeting? It would be super cool for us folks not in Tampa. Perhaps you can record it and post it somewhere.


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