Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GotBalls! WiMo-GF Does!

I just deployed a sample page at to demonstrate image a non-trivial application built on top of WiMo-GF.  This sample runs on:

  • Windows Mobile
  • Silverlight
  • ZuneHD

You can download a CAB file to install the Windows Mobile version and if you have XNA SDK along with the Zune HD extensions you can download the Zune HD version.  In addition you can download the source code from look for the sample labeled Collisions.

Now that I’m fairly happy with the rendering engine, I’m going to submit the Windows Phone version of GotBalls! to Marketplace for Windows Phone and make sure that games created with WiMo-GF can get approved.  Then the fun will begin!

WiMo-GF is an open source framework for building casual games to target mobile devices.  WiMo-GF is available at and is currently in Alpha.

Ping me on twitter at @ByteMaster if you want to get involved.


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