Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 conflict For .wgt Extensions

On my HTC TouchPro2 (which I just love) I’ve installed an early beta of WM6.5.1 (oops, did I just type that on my public blog?).  I’ve been playing with widgets and had a difficult time installing them.  What’s really odd is that I saved the file on the server as a .widget file, but when IE saves it to the storage device, it saves it as a .wgt file.  That’s not a huge problem, but interesting.  The problem is that when I attempt to open a .wgt file it opens it in Opera.  Nope- this isn’t what I want.

Here’s the fix, on your device, change the default value for the registry key:




YMMV (Your mileage may vary) but now when I download a .widget or .wgt file on my TP2 it opens with the widget installer and good to go!


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