Tuesday, May 19, 2009

WACOM Bamboo Tablet/64bit OS/Silverlight & One-Note Conflict

I haven’t quite figured out the relationship yet, but if you are working on a 64 bit OS and are using a WACOM Bamboo tablet, then try to open a page that uses Silverlight or try to use a pen within One-Note, your mouse will freeze up.  If you logoff and log back in the problem goes away (you don’t have to reboot your machine)

Very odd.

Luckily the solution is fairly trivial.

Look for the file:

WISPTIS.EXE in the directory C:\Windows\SysWOW64

And just rename it (you could probable just delete it but I hate throwing anything away)


Once you do that, you will be able to use your kewl little tablet with your 64 bit OS without issue.

I have noticed that sometimes when I reboot, some lovely maintenance feature decides to help me and restore the missing file.  I just haven’t gotten around to writing some startup script to automate this yet.

UPDATED: 5/20/2009 8AM EST – It seems as though when I launch One-Note and a page contains a Visio diagram, a windows comes up saying “Reinstalling One-Note” at that point the very bad WISPTIS.EXE file re-appears.  This is obviously a big problem.  I’ll post more once I get a little more information.

UPDATED: 5/29/2009 8AM EST – Trying a new solution, compiled a simple Console App with the name WISPTIS.exe and put it in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory, my hopes being I can fool whatever thinks this file needs to be there, that it is already there and not copy the one that screws up my system.  So far, I can pretty much do everything without the original file.  I’ll post if I find out differently.  Drop me an email if you want a copy of this file, or better yet, just create a small console app that does nothing.

UPDATED: 5/29/2009 8:01AM EST – Just tried opening a Silverlight page, it did finally open, but the browser froze up for about 30 seconds.  Since as of today (5/29/2009), I’m about 80% convinced that Windows 7 RC is good enough for my main dev box, I think my next step is just repave my machine with that.  Stay tuned, I’m not convinced that will resolve the issue, but I’ll let you know.


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