Sunday, May 24, 2009

Losing my Identity

HP TouchSmart tx2z (2.1GHz, 400GB HD, 3GB RAM)When I got home last night, I tried to boot my new HP TouchSmart Tx2 Tablet running Windows 7 and was greeted with the message.

The User Profile Service failed the logon.
         User Profile cannot be loaded.

After reading this a few times to try to figure out if this was proper grammar (I should really be the last one criticizing this).  My heart sank, I couldn’t get into my new machine.  I had thoughts of having to rebuild it. <g> need to add this machine ASAP to my Windows Home Server then I won’t have to worry about that.

I put out a call on twitter to see if anyone had seen this before and may have a solution @vb2ae aka Ken Tucker sent me a link to a web site.

Bottom line to restore my profile, I booted the computer into Safe Mode, then found a recent restore point.  I let the System Restore do its thing and I was back in business!


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