Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Announcing V4.1.2009 of Cloud-2-Relational Query Engine

We are pleased to announce the release of V4.1.2009 of the Cloud-2-Relational Query Engine.

What is it?

Our Query Engine will allow you to write SQL that will be executed against both a cloud table storage provider as well as most relational database engines.

We all know the benefit of an RDBMS is the ability to write sophisticated DML to extract data.  Although these scale fairly well, to store hundreds of millions of records requires special attention or your performance will suffer.  Most cloud storage solutions have the ability to store zillions of records (well at least in theory) but don’t really support joins, this is a real problem if you want to normalize your database.

This is where our product comes in.  The best of both worlds, the ability of a cloud table provider to store zillions of orders and the ability to join those orders with a much smaller lookup table such as OrderStatus

You simply write a query such as:

select rdbms.Status, cloud.OrderNumber, cloud.OrderAmount
  from status rdbms,
   join (Select  OrderNumber, OrderAmount 
           from  myCloud.orders 
where UserId = @userId) as cloud on cloud.OrderStatusId = rdbms.OrderStatusId

We are still working on enforcing referential integrity however once we do that we will have the best of both worlds.  Performance and Scalability of large scale cloud storage and flexibility of a RDBMS.


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