Monday, May 21, 2007


(Work From Everywhere)

We'll it's summer time again and time to head out to the beach.  We have a travel trailer my wife and I take down to Fort Myers Beach in Florida to a place call the Red Coconut nice place right on the beach.  As an on line addict I need to have a decent Internet connection or I go through withdrawls...pretty sad.

What I'm currently using is a Sprint wireless card along with Linksys router that it plugs into.

This combination rocks!  I'm getting excellent download rates

It also has a built in WiFi radio, so I can sit outside my travel trailer and get on this connection.  It also works great as a switch to distribute connectivity.  I have my MCE 2005 box hooked into it and we watched a streaming version of Lost from the ABC site with a perfect picture!  This also works great if you have a Sling box player (highly recommended).

So if you haven't looked at EVDO lately I highly recommend it, for about $60 a month it's an awesome solution.


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