Monday, March 12, 2007

Client Project – ConnectWise Mobile

A couple of years ago, I was contacted through a current client that they had a "Fun Project" to work on, normally when I here this I go running for the hills!  This one was different, ever since my early days as an embedded systems programmer, I had a passion for mobile devices.  I've always played around with these technologies since early Windows CE devices but as in this post until the last couple of years the hardware and development platforms just weren't out there to realistcally do anything but non-trivial apps without a very significant development effort.  The application was for a company that has a professional services automation tool and is called:

Once I completed the initial requirements gathering and design, this application started out life as a Compact Frameworks 1.0 application on Windows PPC 2003 using SQL Server CE.  It currently runs on the Compact Frameworks 2.0 on Windows Mobile 5.0 and I will be attending MEDC 2007 to learn about any changes required or new capabilities offered in new framework to be offered later this year.  Along the way I converted CFNunit to work with the Compact Frameworks 2.0 and add a little more functionality on the PC for running these tests.  I also learned a ton about what it takes to make a PPC CF application work without a stylus, this doesn't really come that way out-of-the box.  Finally we also have a desktop version of this app using the same Business Objects and Control Library.

This site discusses the features of this application much better than I could do here so check it out!


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